I’m honored when people publicly share their gratitude for my work. Every one of these testimonials comes out of a strong working relationship. I look forward to working with you, too!

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Elizabeth Wood and her work.

Upon learning of an ugly professional crisis that affected several colleagues, graduate students, and me, she reached out from afar to help us through the many challenges we confronted. The news of our workplace had become public and national, and Elizabeth was able to see through the media distortions and recognize that there was a much larger story and that important elements of it were being omitted.

Through her work with Sex in the Public Square, Elizabeth offered a safe public space so that those most harmed by defamation and silencing could present their perspectives. Over the next several years, she devoted hundreds of hours to communicating with us as we faced lawsuits, threats to our jobs, and ongoing false/one-sided national reporting. Through everything, she provided invaluable support through her sensitivity, open-mindedness, and clear thinking.

It is an understatement to call those years a bad time, but they also brought my friends and me the good fortune of meeting Elizabeth. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of generous counsel; you will benefit, as we did, from her wisdom, compassion, and tireless energy.

M.P. Clark, Ph.D., University Lecturer

I had the rare opportunity to work with Elizabeth during a particularly difficult personal and professional transition. I found our meetings to be an important source of structure and support for me. Transitions are not clean-cut processes. They’re often messy and context-specific. Elizabeth was able to meet me where I was, and offer simultaneously pragmatic and intuitive options that helped me to problem solve and self-care. This was an important part of having the challenges I was facing lead to personal growth. Considering how challenging everything around me felt, this was singularly helpful and impactful! I will absolutely refer my nearest and dearest to her if they need exceptional professional support in their most complicated moments.

Kira Manser, Executive Director, Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

I value Elizabeth’s presence in my life. She’s offered keen insight, practical and compassionate support, and she’s done so with the utmost skill. She’s smart, lovely, sexy, organized, and focused, and if she can help you I’d love to point you her way!

Julie Gillis, Co-Founder and Producer of BedPost Confessions

Elizabeth has a rare combination of logic and passion and she brings those traits to her work as a Senior Strategist with the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

In the years that we have been working together Elizabeth has provided guidance, encouragement, and a steady vision of the work we are trying to accomplish.

Able to maintain both the big picture and the small steps necessary to reach that vision, Elizabeth has helped us hold a clear focus on ultimate goals while navigating the day-to-day challenges of an organization at the forefront of the sexual freedom movement.

Ricci Levy, Executive Director, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

Elizabeth Wood is an amazing person. She listens when I need to talk casually, and when I need to seriously address deep questions that are presenting obstacles in my life.  I can vent to her about anything and she always helps to see a range of perspectives on the issues I’m facing. She is there for me whether I need to talk about opportunities or strategize about problems. She blends wisdom with abundant optimism. She always motivates  me to achieve more within my life. She is very open minded and understanding. I trust her, respect her. She is leader, a listener, a mentor, a strong intellectual and a friend.

Tom, former student