Any of these workshops can be tailored thematically to meet the needs of your organization, and can be scaled for time and group size.

Transformation Conversations

How do we talk about sensitive issues in ways that change attitudes and environments? How do we listen with compassion and curiosity instead of with judgment or fear? This workshop was developed for college campus groups, but works equally well for community groups and workplaces.

Having “The Talk” In Later Life: Opening Conversations Between Adult Children, Aging Parents, and Caregivers about Sexuality

Sexuality is a part of our lives from birth until death, but we often imagine that “the talk” only needs to happen once, around adolescence. This workshop prepares adult children, aging parents, health care workers and other caregivers to talk openly about sexual interests, desire, and relationships so that we don’t have to give up our sexual freedom as we age or become ill. Especially appropriate for senior centers, skilled nursing facilities, caregiver support groups, but scalable for medical schools, nursing conferences and other places where senior sexuality is an emerging theme.

Beyond Bathrooms: Creating Organizational Environments That Welcome Gender And Sexual Diversity

You can’t change the culture of a workplace in one session, but this workshop is a useful way to begin the process by raising questions, starting conversations, and introducing important concepts related to sex and gender. It can be delivered as a stand-alone training, but works best as the introduction to an ongoing process of consultation and organizational change.