I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Elizabeth Wood and her work.

Upon learning of an ugly professional crisis that affected several colleagues, graduate students, and me, she reached out from afar to help us through the many challenges we confronted. The news of our workplace had become public and national, and Elizabeth was able to see through the media distortions and recognize that there was a much larger story and that important elements of it were being omitted.

Through her work with Sex in the Public Square, Elizabeth offered a safe public space so that those most harmed by defamation and silencing could present their perspectives. Over the next several years, she devoted hundreds of hours to communicating with us as we faced lawsuits, threats to our jobs, and ongoing false/one-sided national reporting. Through everything, she provided invaluable support through her sensitivity, open-mindedness, and clear thinking.

It is an understatement to call those years a bad time, but they also brought my friends and me the good fortune of meeting Elizabeth. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of generous counsel; you will benefit, as we did, from her wisdom, compassion, and tireless energy.

M.P. Clark, Ph.D., University Lecturer